S&S ENTERPRISE INC. is the exclusive distributor of Zumi Dashcams and Zumi Body Cameras. Established as a trading company in 2015, our business model is based on providing high quality and reasonably priced security products to ensure our customers’ peace of mind on the road. Since then, S&S Enterprise Inc. has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the industry. We offer a range of dashcams to suit every vehicle. This includes personal vehicles, vans, delivery trucks, motorcycles and heavy equipment including but not limited to forklifts, containers and dump truck. In 2017, we have expanded our product offering to include Body Cameras catering private and government offices for improved mobile security and monitoring.


Our Mission and Vision is have dashboard cameras in all vehicles to improve driving conditions through accountability and transparency. We do so in the only way we know how -


Zumi PH have been featured in multiple websites including Bandila, ANC’s Future Perfect, Top Gear, Pinoy Auto Blog, Yugatech, Manila Speak, FHM, Entrepreneur, When in Manila and Hungry Geeks. We have also served various high-profile companies including Toyota Motors, Philippine Airlines, Department of Budget and Management, and Philippine Airport Ground Support Solutions Inc. to name a few.


S&S Enterprise Inc. continues to innovate on its product offerings to meet the needs of the market while ensuring high-class service and support to all its clientele. Our products penetrate new markets effectively due to our outstanding track record, competitive pricing and dependable customer service and support. 


We are focused on providing high quality dashcams for ALL types of vehicles. Our products are not only limited to car dashcams but to trucks / heavy equipement or other vehicles you may have. Name it - we have a dashcam for it!



We won't leave you hanging with just a dashcam. We provide full service to our clients from choosing the right type of unit for your vehicle, to installation to after sales service! 



To ensure the highest quality of our products, we do extensive quality checking. As a result, we offer a 1 month replacement and 1 year warranty on all our products. 



Our team is available to assist you with your requirements. Contact us through email / phone / text and we wiill try to resolve your queries within 24 hours.