The cutest, most adorable, tiny but loud bluetooth animal speakers! Linkable to other speakers. 3-4 hours playing time. Selfie remote. Collect all animals!



1.  Featuring True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Technology. Play from one speaker or link any Zumi bluetooth speaker for a surround sound audio experience! 


2. One button is all you need! Easy one button for turning speakers and other features on and off


3. Easy Bluetooth Connection to your smartphone, tablet, and most other Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPad, Android, iPhones etc.


4. Portable sound for up to 3-4 hours playing time. Take your animal speaker anywhere!


5. Built-in microphone for hands-free phone usage


6. Selfie Remote - take photos using your animal speaker with one click of a button


7. Handy accessories including USB cable and hand strap


8. Irresistibly cute and fun animal designs! Collect all animals <3