Chipset: Multiple ISP Group

Cameras: 4 x VGA 

7.0” LCD screen and display

DVR built-in to screen

Mount on dashboard

Max memory: 128GB

Video Compression: H.264

Video Format: AVI

Photo Format: JPEG

Standard Voltage: DC 5V

Size: 18 x 1.15 x 2 cm - DVR only 

Weight: 0.34 kg - DVR only


Quad Pro X7



Four channel recording

Auto On/Off

Date & time stamp

SOS Button

Built in Microphone


Screen saver mode

Loop Recording

Remote control included

4-channel viewing and recording mode



Monitor screen / DVR

Waterproof Rear Camera x 4

Extension Cable x 4

(1 x 3meters, 2 x 6 meters, 1 x 15 meters)

Cigarette Charger

Remote Control

Screen mount

GPS logger 

User Manual

2 x 32GB memory card

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The Quad Pro X7 does not play games. With four channel recording and viewing, waterproof rear cameras, and 7.0" LCD screen and remote control, you'll have security all around.